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We specialise on Korean Products for every day use. We have a wide range of Waterless Urinals and beauty products.

Beauty Products

Our beauty products have a conditioning effect which maintains the balance of the skin and hair.

Water-less URINALS

Our 100% oduorless urinal has a Magic Valve that completely blocks any back-flow from the drain pipes. It closes automatically after discharge of urine. 

About Tolglobal

Taunet Ole Lel: TOL Global Co. Ltd is a registered company in Kenya whose name means New Beginnings. 

TOL Global Co. Ltd is affiliated to Tree of Life: TOL Global Co. Ltd in South Korea. 

TOL Global Kenya has its operations in East Africa. Operations in Kenya officially begun on 1st April 2017 with introduction of one specific product; the  waterless urinals.

Our goal is to promote an eco-friendly environment in East and Central Africa through the sale of good quality Korean products.


Mr. Mwaura; Director Sagret Hotel (+254 722 737 350)

We have gone from testing with two urinals to fixing all 15 urinals with the waterless ones. Furthermore, we have also fixed the waterless urinal at our sister hotel that is currently undergoing renovations in Thika.

Mr Hasu, Director of Kingsmill Bakery (+254 733 515 313)

We started with one waterless urinal, just to have a feel of this new technology. We are happy with what we have seen so far. We are now fixing 15 urinals at our new factory.

Mrs. Jane, Director of Coconut Grill (+254 722 521 192)

We could not stand the smell coming from the gents. After fixing 3 waterless urinals on phase 1, we have embarked on removing all the ordinary urinals and fixing the Waterless urinals.
We are extremely satisfied.

Mrs. Waihenya, Director of Eton Hotel (+254 722 250 695)

We are pleased to work with Tolglobal. Please bring everyone over to come and see our new waterless urinals.

Ready for our latest Korean Beauty Products or water-less Urinals?

Talk to Us

We have a wide range of clients, including hospitals, institutions, schools, churches; they all want to try our products. The installation is quick simple and you will begin to use our waterless urinals in no time.

Our Clients just love our work and the releaf they have received from the constant water shortages around towns and cities.

We will seek not only to install but to offer a one year quarantee on our products. We will also provide the consumables at an affordable rate.

So, talk today and experience this remarkable product.


TOL Global Kenya is going to have its operations in East and Central Africa. Operations in Kenya officially begun on 1st April 2017 with introduction of our Korean products.


Spring Valley next to Birchwood Place, Shanzu Road - off Kabete Road, 
P.O. Box 15336 - 00100, Nairobi - Kenya.

m: +254 722 783 785/ 722 653 501/700 675 418
Email : info@tolglobal.co.ke



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